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feelin a little saucey lately and I’m proud of my outfits 😎

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thank you New York . ❤️

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There are no words that haven’t already been said. We need change, accountability and justice. #JusticeforDaunteWright

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hey it’s me!!!!!!

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lil outfit from the flea market. been cooking reading and writing songs! life is good. hope you’re having a lovely day

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We need to do everything in our power to stand up against hate. Listen to the AAPI community, take their direction, share resources if you can. 💕

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Check out this video or head to my insta stories to hear how @LUCHA_AZ is prioritizing self-healing as they organize to break down the barriers that affect so many communities.

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so grateful to have @LUCHA_AZ taking over for this week’s #HealingJusticeProject Spotlight Series. They are an awesome organization that builds power within Arizona's working families to advance social, racial and economic justice for all.

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These are the most badass, gorgeous, resilient women ive ever met & they happen to be my mama, grandma, & sister who I know will never let me post a pic of her lmao
on my insta stories I’m posting all the women that inspire me; it’s bout to be a love fest #internationalwomensday

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the legend has arrived

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so grateful to be included with Gabriella, Exec Director of @qlatinx & such a powerful group of women in @PEOPLE’s Women Changing the World. @MovementVote & I started The Healing Justice Project to give grassroots organizers mental health support as they fight for social justice!

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crazy hair day
photo credZ to the boy

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Its my birthday!!!! Made it to level 24, LETS GOOO! Thank you for all the love and birthday wishes, I’m so thankful for all the love and I’m sending it right back!

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our dogs kind enough to take pics w their biggest fans

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Hi! I’m so excited to follow up last week’s Spotlight Series with Freedom Inc, another amazing grantee of the #HealingJusticeProject! They’re going to share about their work as an organization advocating for social justice in WI & how they are supporting organizers’ mental health

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Head over to my IG stories or the The Healing Justice Project highlight on my page to hear directly from these activists! Sending you love 💕💕

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It has been such an honor to learn about these amazing people & I’m so excited for you to get to meet them! To kick off, we’re going to have @muslimwomenfor, an inspiring group from N Carolina, share their work & how they are using these resources to support their mental health.

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These organizers work tirelessly to create a positive impact but the work can be exhausting. Over the next few months, these incredible activists are going to come on my IG to share their work & how they are prioritizing self-care & healing during these really challenging times.

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This year @MovementVote & I launched The #HealingJusticeProject which provides resource funding for mental wellness to 10 grassroots organizations fighting for social change. On my IG, each one will be sharing their work & how they prioritize self-care. To start, @MuslimWomenFor!

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my Valentine’s got a ponytail! happy love and friendship day @ShawnMendes

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